DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

MAY 26th 2018




Is there something you need help with in your life?

Remember that your Angels are always available to assist you.

Just thinking of them will bring them closer.

Light a candle to make a connection.

Writing down your concerns on paper will help you to clarify what you need help with.

Thank the Angels for their ongoing support.

Have Faith, and Trust that your situation is being resolved for your highest good.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “My Angels are supporting me at all times”

“I thank my Angels for their help”

“I feel confident, knowing that my Angels are with me”








April begins with the Sun in the Cardinal Fire sign of ARIES, the symbol on the left, and then it moves into the Fixed Earth sign of TAURUS, the symbol on the right, on April 20th.

Mercury goes Direct on April 15th!

Mercury is going direct in a couple of weeks, on April 15th at 4 degrees of Aries.  Just before the next New Moon.  Sigh of relief for all you people who are not too fond of this time, which can cause problems for most of us.  You might like to mark you calendar, in case you are making any significant purchases, or travel arrangements etc.,  Best to just be aware of it, and not let it take over your life, lol.

Other planetary activity this month.


NEW MOON  in Cardinal Fire sign of ARIES on APRIL 16th at 1.57 am BST @ 26 degrees.  I will be writing about this nearer to the time.  It will be an interesting New Moon as the planet URANUS will have a strong impact, as it will be conjunct(beside) both the sun and moon.  This will provide a powerful opportunity for setting intentions for change and awakening, and beginning something unique and unusual.  

Venus is in Earthy Taurus until 25th when it then moves into Airy Gemini

Mars is in Earthy Capricorn, and then moves from 8 degrees to 23 degrees of Capricorn throughout the month. Mars is close to Saturn in Capricorn for the first half of April, so a great time for focused energy, although you may also feel like you are driving with your foot on the brakes at times, as Saturn can slow Mars down!

Jupiter is still retrograde in Watery Scorpio, and starts at 22 degrees and moves to 19 degrees by end of the month.

Saturn is going RETROGRADE in Earthy Capricorn at 9 degrees on April 18th, and will go Direct again on September 6th at 2 degrees.

Uranus is going from 27 degrees of Fiery Aries to 29 degrees of Aries and moving into Earthy Taurus on May 16th.  Uranus spends approx 7 years in each sign, so this will be a major shift!  Moving from FIRE to EARTH energy. There will be a separate post about URANUS moving into Taurus.

Neptune will be 14 degrees of Watery Pisces going to 15 by end of the month.

Pluto will be at 21 degrees of Earthy Capricorn and going RETROGRADE on April 22nd.

Chiron will be at 29 degrees of the Mutable, Water sign of Pisces, and will be moving into the Cardinal, Fire sign of Aries on 17th April, where it will stay for a number of years. This is another major shift, as the Wounded Healer ‘Chiron’ shifts into the Fiery Warrior energy of Aries.  The symbol for Chiron, pictured below, shows the image of a key, and the placement of Chiron in your chart can symbolize your deepest wound, and also how you can heal.  ‘The Key to your healing.’


The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are slow moving and so they can be in retrograde periods for a while and lots of people are born with these outer planets in retrograde.  This can indicate that the energies of these outer planets can tend to be expressed more inwardly.  All these outer planets are spending quite a bit of time in retrograde motion throughout this year.

The next FULL MOON is on APRIL 30th at 1.58 am BST at 9 degrees of Scorpio.

Until next time,






The planet MARS is going Retrograde on June 26th 2018 at 9 degrees of the Fixed Air sign of AQUARIUS.  It will go direct again on August 27th 2018 at 28 degrees of Capricorn.  On 11th September, it will move on into Aquarius again having finished its retrograde period.

When Mars is Retrograde, we get a chance to Re-do, Re-think, Re-organize etc., Mars is about energy and how we use it.  This retrograde period can be used to reflect on where we are going and decide if changes need to be made to our plans etc.,  It gives us time to mull over things.

Where in your chart is Capricorn at late degrees and early degrees of Aquarius, as these are the areas where Mars will be transiting when retrograde.  What area of life will you be reflecting on?




DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

JUNE 25th 2018



Is there someone that needs your compassion?

Sometimes it is difficult to be non-judgmental, but as humans, we must rise above this tendency.

We cannot really know what someone else may be experiencing.

By showing compassion, we are showing that we care.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “I am a compassionate person and show compassion whenever I can”

By being compassionate, I am spreading love and healing”




DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

JUNE 24th 2018



It doesn’t cost anything to express kindness.  A smile or just saying hello can brighten somebody’s day.

Everything you do today, do it with love and kindness.

Being kind to one another spreads love and healing vibrations.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “As I am Kind to others, I spread love and happiness.”

“Being Kind is caring and an expression of love.”









DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

JUNE 23rd 2018



In life, when you sometimes feel confused, follow your heart, and trust your intuition.

If something you are doing doesn’t feel empowering, let it go.

Be true to yourself and trust that you are on the right path for you.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “I follow my intuition and trust my inner guidance”

“I am open to travelling my own unique path”




DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

JUNE 22nd 2018



The light of the Sun can lift your energy.

Allow the warmth from the rays of the Sun to soak into your aura.

Breathe in the energizing, healing vibrations of the SUN.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “As I sit in the Sun, I breathe in healing energy.”

“I am empowered as I absorb the warmth of the Sun.”




SUMMER SOLSTICE and Sun into CANCER – June 21st 2018

This year, the Summer Solstice falls on June 21st 2018 @ 11.07 am BST, here, in the Northern Hemisphere.


The Sun is now at zero degrees of the Cardinal Water sign of CANCER, which marks the Summer Solstice.  This day marks the LONGEST DAY of the year.  June is said to be a lucky time for marriage celebrations, as the Druids celebrated this time as the “marriage between Heaven and Earth.”

This is a very fertile time in nature, when flowers are in full bloom and the trees are looking beautiful.  It is a time of abundance and growth.

The Moon is in the Air sign of  LIBRA today.  Libra rules relationships, equality, fairness and justice and also balance.  As the Sun has moved into the Water sign of Cancer today, which is ruled by the MOON,  working with Libran energies may be highlighted now.  You might like to spend some time with your partner, a friend, or socialise in some other way, with the Moon in this sociable sign.

Some people like to light fires on the Summer Solstice, and there are many celebrations around the country on this night.











DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

JUNE 20th 2018



“When Energies are shifting, and our vibrations are also moving to be in alignment with the shifts.  We need to assess what we need to let go of to be true to ourselves.

Is there something we are doing that no longer resonates with us?

Are we listening to what our Soul is saying to us?

Take some time to meditate and journal to receive some clarity going forward.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “As I let go of old, outworn patterns and cycles, I welcome new, inspirational energies into my life”

“I let go and trust that I am being guided on my path in life”