DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

MAY 26th 2018




Is there something you need help with in your life?

Remember that your Angels are always available to assist you.

Just thinking of them will bring them closer.

Light a candle to make a connection.

Writing down your concerns on paper will help you to clarify what you need help with.

Thank the Angels for their ongoing support.

Have Faith, and Trust that your situation is being resolved for your highest good.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “My Angels are supporting me at all times”

“I thank my Angels for their help”

“I feel confident, knowing that my Angels are with me”








April begins with the Sun in the Cardinal Fire sign of ARIES, the symbol on the left, and then it moves into the Fixed Earth sign of TAURUS, the symbol on the right, on April 20th.

Mercury goes Direct on April 15th!

Mercury is going direct in a couple of weeks, on April 15th at 4 degrees of Aries.  Just before the next New Moon.  Sigh of relief for all you people who are not too fond of this time, which can cause problems for most of us.  You might like to mark you calendar, in case you are making any significant purchases, or travel arrangements etc.,  Best to just be aware of it, and not let it take over your life, lol.

Other planetary activity this month.


NEW MOON  in Cardinal Fire sign of ARIES on APRIL 16th at 1.57 am BST @ 26 degrees.  I will be writing about this nearer to the time.  It will be an interesting New Moon as the planet URANUS will have a strong impact, as it will be conjunct(beside) both the sun and moon.  This will provide a powerful opportunity for setting intentions for change and awakening, and beginning something unique and unusual.  

Venus is in Earthy Taurus until 25th when it then moves into Airy Gemini

Mars is in Earthy Capricorn, and then moves from 8 degrees to 23 degrees of Capricorn throughout the month. Mars is close to Saturn in Capricorn for the first half of April, so a great time for focused energy, although you may also feel like you are driving with your foot on the brakes at times, as Saturn can slow Mars down!

Jupiter is still retrograde in Watery Scorpio, and starts at 22 degrees and moves to 19 degrees by end of the month.

Saturn is going RETROGRADE in Earthy Capricorn at 9 degrees on April 18th, and will go Direct again on September 6th at 2 degrees.

Uranus is going from 27 degrees of Fiery Aries to 29 degrees of Aries and moving into Earthy Taurus on May 16th.  Uranus spends approx 7 years in each sign, so this will be a major shift!  Moving from FIRE to EARTH energy. There will be a separate post about URANUS moving into Taurus.

Neptune will be 14 degrees of Watery Pisces going to 15 by end of the month.

Pluto will be at 21 degrees of Earthy Capricorn and going RETROGRADE on April 22nd.

Chiron will be at 29 degrees of the Mutable, Water sign of Pisces, and will be moving into the Cardinal, Fire sign of Aries on 17th April, where it will stay for a number of years. This is another major shift, as the Wounded Healer ‘Chiron’ shifts into the Fiery Warrior energy of Aries.  The symbol for Chiron, pictured below, shows the image of a key, and the placement of Chiron in your chart can symbolize your deepest wound, and also how you can heal.  ‘The Key to your healing.’


The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are slow moving and so they can be in retrograde periods for a while and lots of people are born with these outer planets in retrograde.  This can indicate that the energies of these outer planets can tend to be expressed more inwardly.  All these outer planets are spending quite a bit of time in retrograde motion throughout this year.

The next FULL MOON is on APRIL 30th at 1.58 am BST at 9 degrees of Scorpio.

Until next time,




DAILY GUIDANCE – Spiritual Messages

OCTOBER 20th 2018




Have the courage to follow your Dreams.

If you have forgotten what they are, get a pen and paper and write ‘My DREAMS’ on the top.  See what information comes through for you.

Some people have a dream from a young age, some people have forgotten what they dreamed for themselves.

Following your dreams will bring you happiness.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “As I follow my dreams, I create a wonderful future”


DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

OCTOBER 19th 2018



Sometimes we need to take some time out to heal our minds, bodies and emotions.

Receiving a healing session from a Healer is one way to do this, another way is to sit or lie down in a quiet place and listen to some gentle music and ask spirit to send you some healing.  

Holding some crystals while taking deep breaths will help to bring you calm and peace.

You deserve to give yourself the time to heal!

AFFIRMATIONS:  “I give myself time to heal and time to balance my energy”

“I thank spirit for this powerful healing”






DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

OCTOBER 18th 2018



Remember that your body needs to be active.  Finding even 20 minutes every day to take a walk will benefit your health.

Is there something that you used to enjoy doing, that you haven’t done for a while?  Would you consider doing it again to stimulate your physical body into action.  Running, walking, swimming, dancing, tai-chi, yoga, pilates, any kind of physical activity that you enjoy doing will bring huge benefits if you practice regularly.

Maybe you used to do something more physically demanding, like surfing or hill walking or whatever…. think about engaging in this activity once a week to shake off any stress you may be accumulating in your daily life!

AFFIRMATIONS:  “As I engage in physical activity, I release stress from my body”

“As I exercise my body, I am on the road to better health”




DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

OCTOBER 17th 2018



Think before you eat!  Healthy food choices are important.  If we want to have energy, and a healthy mind and body, then it is vital that we nourish ourselves with good nutritious food!

If you feel that you could do with some guidance along the way, why not go along to a cookery class, where you will meet some like minded people, and also have some fun along the way, creating new dishes!

AFFIRMATIONS:  “As I nourish my body with nutritious food, I create a healthier me.”

“Eating a balanced diet helps me to become more balanced.”




DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

OCTOBER 16th 2018



Have you been holding on to old hurts and emotions?

Take some time today to just be, and let all these tears come to the surface to be released.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with your current life experiences?  Allowing yourself some me-time to come to terms with your situation, whatever it may be, will help you to let it all go.

Have a nice long soak in the bath and put some crystals under your pillow.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “As I release my tears, I let go of sadness and grief, and old emotions, and I am healed”




DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

OCTOBER 15th 2018



Do something different today.  When is the last time you had an adventure of any sort?

It doesn’t have to be a huge adventure, just doing something out of the ordinary will help to stimulate your sense of adventure, and will help you to feel alive and energized.

Be spontaneous and open to new experiences.

AFFIRMATIONS:  “I am open to new adventures”

“I am connecting with the energy of spontaneity”




DAILY GUIDANCE – Spirit Messages

OCTOBER 14th 2018



Whether or not you are meeting up with people today, make a connection with someone.

Smile and say hello to someone passing by, you might be the only person that notices them all day.  It feels good to smile and lifts your energy.

Is there someone you know that needs a helping hand, then reach out today and offer your time to help them in some way.

It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.