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New Moon in Capricorn 17th Jan 2018


The first New Moon of 2018 was exact at 2.17 am(GMT) today @26 degress of Capricorn.  There is a window of time from now until Jan 21st, when you can set your goals and intentions for the coming month, and because this is the first new moon of the year and there are so many planets in Capricorn, you could actually set intentions for the whole year now.  Capricorn energy is very focused and with the planet Saturn(which rules Capricorn) also in Capricorn now, there is an opportunity to really get disciplined and organized.  Saturn will be in Capricorn for the next couple of years.  It takes almost 30 years to travel around the birth chart, so the last time it was in Capricorn was November 1988/February 1991.  You may like to think back to those dates and see what was going on in your life back then, if you are old enough, lol. 

Keeping a NEW MOON Journal is an excellent way to write your intentions and goals down clearly, and so you can keep track of your progress in manifesting your intentions, and you can also change and add to them.

The planet Uranus is making a challenging aspect(square) to this New Moon and so you may feel inspired or woken up in some way.  You may even feel that you have had a kick in the butt and are now ready for taking action which you didn’t feel inclined to do before.  Check out where 26 degrees of Capricorn falls in your natal birth chart, as it is the energy of this house that will be the focus for setting your intentions.  For instance, if you have Capricorn at 26 degrees in your 10th house of career, it would be an excellent time to really get clear about where you want to go career wise.

Remember you must take action to let the universe know that you are serious about your intentions going forward.  Take steps each day to realize your goals and dreams.

Current Position of the Planets:

Sun:  Capricorn  27 degrees

Moon:  Aquarius 3 degrees

Mercury:  Capricorn  8 degrees

Venus:  Capricorn  29 degrees(moving in Aquarius Jan 18th)

Mars:  Scorpio 24 degrees

Jupiter:  Scorpio 19 degrees

Saturn: Capricorn  3 degrees

Uranus:  Aries 24 degrees

Neptune:  Pisces 12 degrees

Pluto:  Capricorn 19 degrees

As you can see, the Moon has now moved into the Air sign of Aquarius, as it spends approx., 2 and a half days or so in each sign, and the new moon in capricorn fell in the later degrees of capricorn @ 26 degrees, and so now has moved on to Aquarius.  This will add an air of lightness to the more earthy energy of capricorn.  A good time to be open to inspiration and the unusual which can be incorporated into your intention plans.

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MARS moves into SCORPIO



The planet Mars has just moved into the Water sign of SCORPIO.  Some of you will have been born when Mars was in Scorpio.   The planet Jupiter is already in Scorpio, and the two will meet exactly on 5th and 6th January 2018 @ 17 degrees of Scorpio, and on 7th and 8th January 2018 @ 18 degrees of Scorpio.  Check out your birthchart to see if you have any planets at these degrees, and also what house these will fall in.  Mars is the action planet and when in the passionate water sign of Scorpio, intense emotions can surface.  Jupiter adds a larger than life energy to anything it touches, so when these two meet, expect powerful intense experiences in the area of life that they are visiting in your chart.

When Mars is in Scorpio, you may find it easier to focus your energies.  Scorpio energy is very intense, single minded, determined and resilient.  Putting all your energy into something that you are passionate about  will most likely bring great results at this time.  Use this time to complete projects, and to pour your energy into something that makes you feel alive!

Mars will be moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius on 26th January 2018.

Saturn will be moving into Capricorn on 20th December, and I will post about that soon.

Mercury moving into Sagittarius and Venus moving into Scorpio

The planet Mercury has just moved into the Fire sign of Sagittarius and Venus will be moving into the Water sign of Scorpio over the next couple of days.

MERCURY                     SAGITTARIUS

mercury       sagittarius 2

Mercury into Sagittarius: Mercury has been in the water sign of Scorpio and is now moving into the Fire sign of Sagittarius, depending on where you are living, either today, 5th Nov., or tomorrow 6th Nov.,  Mercury is the planet of communication and is called a Personal Planet in the birth chart.  When Mercury moves through the birth chart it may or may not have an impact, depending on if it hits on one of your planets and what house in your natal chart it is passing through.  Mercury rules how you think and communicate, it also rules siblings and short journeys.  If you look at the symbol above for Sagittarius, the Archer, it brings to mind reaching out, expansive thinking, free thinking.  Reaching for the stars! When mercury is moving through sagittarius, you may find yourself thinking more expansively about your life and feel more optimistic and enthusiastic in general.  Sagittarius also rules Truth and Justice and these subjects may be in the media more at this time, as Mercury rules communication and the media.  Sagittarius is a Fire sign, meaning that it is energetic, which may impact on your thinking process at this time. You may get ‘all fired up’ about something.  Where is Sagittarius in your birth chart, and have you any planets in Sagittarius that Mercury may be connecting with.

VENUS                          SCORPIO

venus      scorpio2

Venus into Scorpio: The Planet Venus rules Relationships and how we interact with others. It is a personal planet, like Mercury.  It is the planet that shows what we Love, and love to do, what we feel passionate about.  Look at the symbol above for Scorpio, wouldn’t it remind you of the ‘sting in the tail’ that Scorpio is so associated with! Don’t mess with Scorpio! Venus will be moving into the water sign of Scorpio from the Air sign of Libra on 6th and 7th of Nov, depending on where you live. When Venus is in the sign of Scorpio, relationships may become more intense and passionate! Depending on where Venus is transiting in your birth chart, it may or may not make any major impact, but in general relationship energies may become more intense until Venus moves into Sagittarius on 1st December. Where is Scorpio in your birth chart and have you any planets in Scorpio that Venus will connect with.

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This month’s Full Moon is in the earthy, sensual sign of Taurus, at 11 degrees, as the Sun sits opposite in deep dark Scorpio!  The exact time of the Full moon was Nov 4th ’17 at 5.23 am.  I am a bit late posting this, but the energy of the Full Moon will last until it moves into the next phase of its journey on 7th Nov., when it moves into the Disseminating phase.

When the Moon is in Taurus, take the opportunity to enjoy life more and do something that is pleasurable.  Taurus is an earthy, sensual sign.  Find something that you love to do and go do it.  Forget about the chores and boring stuff, unless you enjoy it lol.  Feel the enjoyment of cooking and/or eating a good meal, getting out in nature and taking in the beauty of the earth.  Have a beauty treatment or balance your energy with a therapeutic massage treatment.

At the time of this full moon, the Sun and Jupiter are together in the sign of Scorpio.  Jupiter expands what it touches, so emotions may be running high. Scorpio is a passionate, intense sign, and as the Sun and Jupiter are both in Scorpio and are opposing(in the exact opposite position) to the moon, energies may be quite powerful now.  Expect the unexpected, and tune into the calm, healing energy of the moon in Taurus if something occurs that rocks your boat.

The planet that rules Taurus is Venus, and venus is currently in the sign of Libra(which is also ruled by Venus).  Venus is exactly opposite the planet Uranus which is in Aries now, and when these two planets are in this aspect, there may be sudden, unexpected things happening with relationships, as venus rules relationships, especially when in its own sign of Libra.  Look at your friendships at this time, as well as close relationships and see if there is anything unusual going on, as with this aspect, there may be some out of the ordinary things happening!

Remember that the Full Moon is the time for RELEASING and LETTING GO.  Think about what you want to release.  Writing down everything that needs to go can be very healing, and then either burn it safely, or with moon being in earthy Taurus, dig a hole and bury your written intentions to release in the earth.   Burn some sage to clear the energy in your home and remember to leave your crystals out under the light of the moon for cleansing.

For those of you interested in the ‘Sabian Symbols’ (check out ‘360 Degrees of Wisdom Charting your Destiny with the Sabian Oracle).  A beautifully written book by Lynda Hill.  The oracle gives messages for every degree of the Zodiac.

360 degrees of wisdom

Here is an excerpt from the oracle for 11 degrees of Taurus on this full moon.  “A woman sprinkling long rows of flowers”

This symbol often speaks of the need to take time to nuruture the physical self.  Along with smaller, less able things that need care, your body needs water, sustenance and nourishment, too. Sometimes the mind needs to take a rest, and the body needs to be allowed to come to bloom and bask a little in the sunlight.  Keeping an eye on things that you are responsible for will ensure that they don’t dry out and fade away ahead of time.  Weeding out undersirable factors is often a necessary part of this process. Taking time out to actually water plants, or the garden may bring some wonderful realizations to your life.

Keywords: Having patience and care.  Nurturing and fertilizing creativity.  external evidence of internal beauty.  Looking after small details to reap treasures later.  The Tree of Life.  Stopping to smell the roses.  Paying attention to detail.  Flower essences.  Sprinkling love and sustenance. Watering and fertilizing.  Tending the soil.  Care and love.


I hope the messages from the sabian symbol oracle will inspire you today!


Until next time,

Ruth x





Jupiter moving into Scorpio


The Planet Jupiter will be moving into the sign of Scorpio on Oct 10th 2017.  Jupiter takes 12 years to travel around the birthchart, spending approx., 1 year in each sign.  It will be leaving Libra, the sign ruling relationships, partnerships, peace, love, harmony and diplomacy, and moving into the Passionate, Intense sign of Scorpio.  Every 12 years we have what is called a ‘Jupiter Return,’ which means that in your Birth chart Jupiter returns to the sign and house it was in when you were born.  This can be a significant time in your life as Jupiter rules luck, expansion and growth.  Check back to when you were 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 etc., and see if anything significant happened during those years.

It is always a good idea to keep a diary and date of any major happenings going on in your life, especially if you are astrologically minded, as you can check how the current transits(where the planets currently are in relation to your birth chart planets) might be affecting your life.

Scorpio energy is intense and so when the largest planet moves into Scorpio, expect an increase in intense energy.  Whatever area of your chart is being triggered by Jupiter, it will be felt strongly, especially if you have other planets in Scorpio that Jupiter may be aspecting.  It expands whatever it touches.  It may also be making other strong aspects to other planets and areas of your chart.

Areas of life that Scorpio rules: Passionate life force, Intense feelings and emotions, sex and death, money and power.  Transformation and change, death and rebirth are all themes which are associated with Scorpio energy.  All or nothing, hot or cold are words that come to mind as expressions of this sign.   With Jupiter in this sign for the next 12 months or so, check out your Scorpio house in your chart, and see which area is going to benefit from the positive energy of Jupiter.  For instance, if you have Scorpio in your second house of earnings, you may have more opportunites to make money, or your finances may increase due to some lucky financial transaction.  If in your 4th house of home, you may decide to expand your home, either through building an extension, or increasing the family with a new addition, or bringing an elderly relative to live with you.  You may also decide to travel away from home, or relocate altogether.  Expect growth in the area of life that Jupiter is entering.

The last time Jupiter entered Scorpio was Oct 26th 2005 until Nov 23rd 2006.  Looking back at this period of time may give you some insights into what to expect this time around, although this only relates to one area of the birth chart.

If you want to know more about where Jupiter is in your birth chart, please contact me for a mini reading by email @ soulstar.ruth@gmail.com.  I will need your date, place and time of birth to look at your chart.

I hope that Jupiter brings you lots of Luck.

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The coming Full Moon will be at 12 degrees of Aries, which is a Fire sign and ruled by the planet Mars.  The Full moon is always in the opposite sign of the current Sun sign placement, which is now Libra.  The ruler of this Full Moon, being Mars is significant, as   fullmoonmagic

it is actually at the same degree as Venus at the time of the Full Moon, and Venus is the ruler of Libra., so you may find that your energy is geared to relationships.  So planets ruling both the Sun and the Moon on this Full Moon are together in Virgo.  As both Mars and Venus are in Virgo at 19 degrees, you may find that energies are directed towards your work relationships also.  It all very much depends on what houses in your birth chart are being activated by this Full Moon.

The Full Moon is a time for releasing energies.  Take a salt bath, place your crystals out under the light of the full moon to be cleansed.  Do something energetic/physical to release pent up energies.  Get active.  Bang on your drum, put on some lively music and dance around the place!

With the ruler Mars being in Virgo with Venus, you may feel like doing a big de-clutter, clean and tidy up, which is a great way to free up energy too.

Until next time,